I took both the Master your Camera & Composition in the Field classes & I can’t say enough great things about it. During the Master your Camera class, I learned all about the basics of photography as well as the specifications of my camera. Then I took what I learned there & applied it to the Composition in the Field class. I highly recommend you take both courses if your an amateur photographer & want to know more about photography. I’ve tried learning photography in other ways (YouTube, books, etc) but in my opinion, nothing compares to having an actual instructor in front of you. Jeff was great in answering anyone’s questions & made sure to spend time on each individual’s needs. If you’re on the fence on whether to take these classes, don’t be! Sign up today...you won’t regret it!!

Thank you, Erica

Jeffrey Fong's Composition in the field was well worth the money. Jeffrey is one of those people who you immediately like due to his friendly and personable disposition. He greets each attendee as they arrive for introduction and refers to everyone by name throughout the class. The class size was small giving each person time to get their questions answered. Jeffrey covered all the essential settings in the DSLR camera and best use for these. He had his tablet showing pictures he had captured and was able to highlight how these pictures were composed. Jeffrey has a wealth of knowledge to share and was able to speak on every question asked. I highly recommend his classes where you'll receive one-on-one attention and leave feeling you gained some knowledge. The venues in the field are choice locations which I appreciated and certainly beats a classroom setting.

Thank you Jeffrey Fong! Chris Strand

Jeff's intro to photography was exactly what I was looking for. I was able to learn all the basics of my camera and more in such a short amount of time. I left the class feeling like I had taken an entire photography course. Jeff was extremely knowledgeable an easy to work with. The class was very hands-on and interactive, which is exactly what I needed. I would recommend this class for all beginners!

Thanks, Shelby

I really enjoyed Jeffrey's class. He is very knowledgeable about DSLR photography and took the time to give detailed answers to questions about camera use. He also kept the class lively with a great sense of humor. I highly recommend his classes.

Thanks, Dan Morrow

Just finished Jeff Fong's "Composition in the Field" course at the Center for the Wooden Boat and had such a wonderful time! Jeff is a great teacher and is very approachable - I felt comfortable asking questions and thought the class was a nice balance between time spent learning about photography/cameras and time spent applying that knowledge in the field. I learned a lot, and am looking forward to attending Jeff's photography retreat at the Olympic National Park later this year.

Thanks so much Jeff! - Lauren