About Digital Photography Classes

Our singled-minded mission is to get photographers off "auto". What do we mean by that? Millions of people today own digital cameras and take photographs of almost everything imaginable. From the first day that those cameras came out of the box, many of them were put in auto mode and never left that setting. While these cameras may be taking nice photos, wouldn't it be great to take charge of your photographs and really create masterpieces? If you ever wondered how cameras actually take a photograph, how shutter speeds work, what f-stops are, why you should use the correct ISOs, etc., you should attend one of our photography classes.

We have joined forces with the Digital Photo Academy in New York City (www.digitalphotoacademy.com) to help make people better photographers. We offer classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced photographers. Our popular "Composition in the Field" classes are conducted on location in places like Pike Place Market, University of Washington campus, Fremont District, Queen Anne Hill, Seattle Center and Gas Works Park. We also have classroom-style lectures that teach everything from learning how to use your point and shoot camera up to using digital SLRs (single lens reflex). We discuss composition, depth of field, shutter speeds, exposure value compensation, histograms, lenses, etc. You leave the class with a good understanding of the photography concepts taught and the opportunity to practice what you've learned.

All classes are taught by Jeffrey Fong. He is a popular instructor who really knows his subject matter and teaches it in a fun and interesting way. His students consistently give him high marks for making confusing photographic concepts easily understandable. He also helps students learn to analyze various photographic situations and determine the best camera setting to capture the desired image.

If you would like to join Jeffrey for one of these fun and educational classes, please go to www.digitalphotoacademy.com to view a complete schedule of classes offered and to register.